Working Capital Loans for Small Business

At Oakmont Capital Services, we believe every business — regardless of size — should be able to secure a loan and take advantage of growth opportunities. That’s why we offer working capital loans for small businesses starting at $10,000.

Our finance professionals are proud to offer working capital to help businesses to secure liquidity, efficiency, and financial health. There are many positive uses of working capital that can help expand a business, and as an owner, make sure you don’t wait until you’re in a financial pinch to secure a loan.

Contact a dedicated finance professional that will help fuel business growth with a working capital loan – WE MAKE IT POSSIBLE!

Use working capital loans for planned and unexpected expenses, including:

  • Expanding or Remodeling Facilities: paint your warehouse, add professional signage to your building, or expand your capabilities and add an addition.
  • Purchasing Inventory: obtain supplies beyond what was originally in the budget, even if a product’s cost has increased exponentially.
  • Managing Seasonality: if the weather has unexpectedly impacted operating expenses, use working capital to help your negatively affected profit margins.
  • Project or Gap Financing: extra capital comes in handy when securing a new contract that requires buying materials now when payment won’t come until a later date.
  • Marketing and Promotions: advertise your business today to attract more customers and generate additional sales in the future.
  • Unexpected Expenses: forgot to budget for something? Did gas prices or materials expenses increase? Need extra labor because an employee unexpectedly quit, got hurt, or let go?
  • Equipment Repairs: sometimes, a piece of machinery breaks down for good in the middle of a job, or an urgent repair needs to take place to complete an ongoing project, and money is required right now.

Contact an equipment financing company that’s ready to help with working capital loans for small business – WE MAKE IT POSSIBLE!

How Do I Apply for a Working Capital Loan?

Working capital loans for small business comes in handy for any and all operating expenses. For years, Oakmont Capital Services’ finance professionals have helped owners secure working capital loans for small businesses. Contact a dedicated finance professional today at 877-701-2391 or complete our online application.

When our customers approach us about financing a piece of commercial equipment, we do our best to secure the money they need to help fuel business growth. But we ask, ‘Is this equipment purchase part of a bigger project?’ If the answer is ‘yes,’ we want to make sure small businesses don’t miss out on growth opportunities. That’s why we also offer working capital loans for small businesses.

Jim Peach, CLFP
Sr. Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Oakmont Capital Services

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